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Scottish Independence

As a Geordie I have no real say in how the people of Scotland vote. I do, however, have an opinion.

The way I see it Scotland is better off without the rest of us, while we are better off with Scotland. As a result it comes as no surprise that Cameron and his cronies are doing everything they can to prevent an independent Scotland.

Scotland would be better off keeping the Pound. The government are threatening to prevent the Pound being shared.

Scotland would be free from some of the ridiculous laws and rulings so the government threatens border control.

It goes on. Every time the Scots are made aware of how much better off they’d be without the rest of us, the government’s tactics threaten to not share their toys.

There are so many reasons for Scotland to be free, but for me the best reason of all is how the government is handling the situation. The desperation and vicious, nasty, threatening manner of the powers that be as we approach the big day.

I would love for Scotland to stay part of this country. The Scots I’ve met have been warm, friendly and completely undeserving of the stereotype image. There’s a rich heritage, community and unity that Scotland brings (possibly in a united hatred of the English). Scotland gets so little back in return from us.

Unfortunately, while my heart wants Scotland to stay, my head knows Scotland is better off moving on. Whatever comes, I wish Scotland the very best.