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Final Smoke

It is my intention to give up smoking on the 31st December this year. It’s not something I want to do. If we had the money I’d keep smoking until my dying breath, but wishing for a lottery win isn’t going to get us anywhere.

When I started smoking back in 1994 it was a social event. There was always someone close by to smoke with. You didn’t have to go outside in bad weather, and while it wasn’t a written rule, there were some places where you just didn’t smoke. You could smoke in shopping centres, but nobody smoked in the shop itself. Smoke breaks were spent with colleagues, or sometimes you’d find yourself smoking with someone who shared the building, but from another company. You’d talk, share problems, and more often than not return to your desk with a fresh perspective or even the solution. It was genial, social, pleasant. With this in mind I’ve decided to not spend my last smoke alone.

I’ve decided to smoke with someone who can offer the same intellectual conversation that used to take place 20 years ago. My last smoke will be with my (soon to be) father in law.

My first smoke was a Hamlet Reserve. Since then I’ve changed brands a number of times, often due to the termination of a line or even the brand itself. I’ve tried cigarettes but didn’t find them to my taste. I’ve also bought a few pipes and have tried numerous variations of pipe baccy. I still have some. It’s always been cigars that I’ve gone back to, from cigarillos to coronas. With this in mind, it’s the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 (Toro), bought from the Cuban Cigar Club in Newcastle that I’ve chosen as my last smoke.

From the 1st January 2015 I’ll be using vapes exclusively. Watch this space.