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Bowie Rickman

This week we’ve seen the passing of two legends; David Bowie and Alan Rickman, both aged 69, and a little earlier, Lemmy. While the world prays we don’t lose another highly acclaimed, much loved celebrity, the cold truth is the odds aren’t in our favour.

So many of their era will have lost relatives in WWII. They’ll have experienced the 40’s rationing, 50’s rock and roll, the flower power 60’s, the hippy 70’s and the new romantic 80’s. Five decades of very strong influence. A combination that we’ll never see again.

When it comes to talent, the experience that could be drawn upon would be immense. It’s no wonder that those who lived through those five decades and worked internationally would be so very talented.

Unfortunately for those born later we live through the pain of losing such greatness. It’s a fact of life, “Man, who is born of woman, is short-lived and full of turmoil”. However painful it may be, it’s only human to think we’ll never again be exposed to the wonderful talent they shared with us. We think of the family and loved ones left behind. We are naturally saddened by their loss.

But we’re also blessed by the artistry they left. We’re privileged to be able to listen to, and watch their great work. The people for whom we mourn achieved so much. Their legacies will continue to entertain us, bringing with them so much emotion. We may look at their work from a new perspective but we’ll love it as we always have.

I hate to face that for more of the people we’ve admired all this time have fewer days ahead than behind them, but it is of course true. We all are here for a finite time. Not one of us is immortal. We’ll have to face more losses as time passes.

For me though, I get to introduce these great works to my son. Ill share with him the great works of Robin Williams, David Bowie, Alan Rickman and everyone else who’s made such an impact on my life. We get to say we remember when this was released. We remember how we felt watching or listening to this for the first time. We share their works with a new generation, our favourite track or film.
I’ll continue to play Space Oddity, Labyrinth, Dogma, Die Hard and Snow Cake. I’ll watch associated footage on Youtube.
I consider myself fortunate to live in a time when these great works impacted so much on so many. Although I’ve never personally met them, they’ll always be part of me.