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Police Station

Lost balance.
Crutch went out to regain balance.
Crutch hit son’s Lego Police Station at full force.
20 minutes trying to work out which piece belongs to the Police Station and which bricks are standard (non kit) Lego, where they go and if it will all fit afterwards.
All this so an eight year old won’t come downstairs in the morning, see his work in pieces and have a bad day at school.

In hindsight I should’ve told him the Lego criminals broke out and blew the place up.
That would’ve been much cooler!

Lego case for the Raspberry Pi


Lego case for the Raspberry Pi

This afternoon @IanOgri asked me if I would join him playing with his Lego. I’ve seen a few people’s Lego cases on twitter, some even going as far as selling them, so it seemed like a good idea to build one myself.

I’ve no intention of keeping the bricks of a six year old. Hence the photo here.

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