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Police Station

Lost balance.
Crutch went out to regain balance.
Crutch hit son’s Lego Police Station at full force.
20 minutes trying to work out which piece belongs to the Police Station and which bricks are standard (non kit) Lego, where they go and if it will all fit afterwards.
All this so an eight year old won’t come downstairs in the morning, see his work in pieces and have a bad day at school.

In hindsight I should’ve told him the Lego criminals broke out and blew the place up.
That would’ve been much cooler!


Brian Cant turns 80 today. 

If you don’t know who Brian Cant is, he worked on children’s tv when I was young.  He had an immediately calming voice, wasn’t afraid to make himself (in hindsight) look silly and was immediately recognisable.  He’s a tall gentleman, and by that I *mean* gentleman.  Even on a 20″ screen he came across as a giant.  While I’ve never met him, he’s always felt like a member of the family.  When I was little he always felt like my dad, while my dad was at work at least.  Even to this day, the mere mention of his name invokes a warm feeling, the bringer of happiness and smiles of nostalgia.  At worst, he’s the wacky favourite uncle who lives hundreds of miles away and you never see.

Brian Cant belongs to the same crowd as Johnny Morris, Johnny Ball, Derek Griffiths and Tony Hart.  The select group who taught morals, compassion and self-confidence. 

I don’t know anyone around my age who doesn’t know of Brian Cant.  Everyone who talks about him does so with fondness.  A whole generation owes him a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.  The least we can do is write a tweet in the vain hope that Mr Cant sees them.  I tweeted in the small hours of today with the hashtag #BrianCant80 and although I may never know if it’s seen that’s not what’s important here.  What’s important is that Brian Cant is the kind of man who has positively influenced myself and thousands of others.  He is held in the highest regard and it’s his birthday.

Many happy returns Mr Cant.