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What Sky says vs what Sky means

Yes, Sky again. It’s only a month since the last issue with Sky was resolved.  How quickly Sky reneges on their promises time flies. There’s a letter on my desk from Sky.  They say when my account is transferred from O2 to Sky I’ll be on a discounted rate for twelve months.  I received an email last night saying that it’s coming to an end on the 1st of March. In real terms that’s not even twelve weeks, much less twelve months.  I’m going to call them this afternoon so this can be sorted out.  There’s obviously a reason why they’re the cheapest. To be honest, if I had to pay £23 a month for a 4Mb service I’d be tempted to spend the extra £7 for EE’s fibre-optic (around) 40Mb service.  I really don’t know if they’re purposefully trying to annoy customers, scam them or if they’re just completely incompetent.
Sky says vs Sky means


As many of you know in January 2011 we moved house.  A letter was sent to all of the necessary companies, gas, water, bank etc. to notify them.  One of those letters was sent to my home insurance company, Santander.  Today I learned that when they updated my address they did so only on the system responsible for mailshots and not on the policy itself.  Given the fact that I’ve experienced their levels of incompetence I know in hindsight I should have checked this was done but it’s not something I thought about given the levels of stress involved with a house move.

This means that I’ve been paying buildings insurance on a house I no longer own.  I could have been paying a fraction of the amount I’ve paid, but the change was never made.

After an accident with a TV and a laptop used for streaming I decided to claim on my policy.  I’ve now been told that I can’t claim at my new address and I must take out a new policy if I wish to be covered.  When I asked to speak to a manager to register a complaint I was cut off.

I’m outraged at the attitude of Santander’s staff!  I’ve a feeling my complaint will fall on deaf ears so I’m preparing a letter to the ombudsman.  I’m not prepared to accept that there’s nothing I can do about 16 months of payments (totalling nearly £650) have been taken incorrectly.