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Sky finding new limits.

Some of you who were regulars to my Posterous blog will recall back in 2011 I made the mistake of having Sky supply my broadband.  After advertising 20 Megabit broadband speeds and promising that I’d get on or around 3Mb, they supplied a speed of 0.8Mb.

Naturally I complained to Sky.  You can see my frustrations on Sky’s own forum.  It took some time but 5½ weeks after the contract started, the contract was terminated due to Sky not keeping their promises.  I was assured that no penalty would be levied.  This was confirmed by email.  Unfortunately the issues didn’t end there.  Some months after Sky terminated the contract I received a letter welcoming me to their service at a new speed of 0Mb on the same telephone line that had been disconnected.  I’d assumed this was another cock-up to add to the collection and dismissed it.  Unfortunately demands for payment on a fictional service came through.  Sky claimed this was an error on their part and they’d sort it out.

Until today I’d heard nothing from Sky, but it appears I now have four days (seven days on the letter which took three days to arrive) to pay £175.42 in full or they’ll refer it to a debt collection agency (see below).

I think it’s time I get a copy of my credit reference and contact OFCOM.  I’ll give OFCOM all assistance I can to resolve this.  Clearly Sky are incapable.

Sky's threats.


As many of you know in January 2011 we moved house.  A letter was sent to all of the necessary companies, gas, water, bank etc. to notify them.  One of those letters was sent to my home insurance company, Santander.  Today I learned that when they updated my address they did so only on the system responsible for mailshots and not on the policy itself.  Given the fact that I’ve experienced their levels of incompetence I know in hindsight I should have checked this was done but it’s not something I thought about given the levels of stress involved with a house move.

This means that I’ve been paying buildings insurance on a house I no longer own.  I could have been paying a fraction of the amount I’ve paid, but the change was never made.

After an accident with a TV and a laptop used for streaming I decided to claim on my policy.  I’ve now been told that I can’t claim at my new address and I must take out a new policy if I wish to be covered.  When I asked to speak to a manager to register a complaint I was cut off.

I’m outraged at the attitude of Santander’s staff!  I’ve a feeling my complaint will fall on deaf ears so I’m preparing a letter to the ombudsman.  I’m not prepared to accept that there’s nothing I can do about 16 months of payments (totalling nearly £650) have been taken incorrectly.

Sky are the absolute limit.

Most people who follow me on Twitter will know of the horrendous issues I had with Sky.  After five weeks of utter incompetence, being lied to and uneducated attempts to resolve their speed issues they released me from my 12 month contract.  I was promised verbally and by email that I would not get any further charges from them.

Unfortunately, like other Murdoch projects, Sky appear incapable of telling the truth.  Not only can they not keep their promises, I’ve had letters welcoming me to their service months after changing suppliers.  Their bills for the non-existent service come through each month and after speaking to them on Twitter and their own help forums, marginally less than f**k all has been done.

I’m now back to naming and shaming them.  They’ve had enough chances.  From here on in, each time they bill me, I’m going to post it.  Announce it to the world that they still can’t keep a promise.