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Why you should use DPD

More often than not one person loves a company while the next will have nothing to do with them.  It’s a level of customer service that can vary massively depending on who your interaction is with.  It’s the same with every company providing a service of some kind.  Or so I thought.

Most of the time we don’t give much thought to how or why something works.  We overlook good service because we expect it as standard.  It’s only really when a company lets us down that we sit up and take notice.  Every now and then we give a conscious thought to the good service we’ve received.

It started a while ago, I can’t recall when exactly, but I’d expected a few items that day.  One arrived with the postman.  I’d queried if there was anything else for us.  When Parcelforce delivered the second, again querying why there weren’t more.  His response, and I’m paraphrasing here, was “Don’t ask me mate, that’s all they’ve given me”, as he kept walking not only towards the gate but past it, not closing it on his way.  The missing item was apparently lost somewhere in the postal system.  I had to wait in case it turned up late.  It didn’t and its replacement arrived by second class post, at the cost of the seller. It made me wonder how much money is lost by having to send replacement items because the customer hadn’t received the first.

A short while later I got an email from DPD.  They’d notified me that an Amazon delivery was with them and they’d be delivering it the following day.  I could track it on the day of delivery.  Having used delivery trackers in the past, my apathy knew no limits and I thought no more of it.
Delivery day, and I’d received an email saying the item would be delivered within a one hour window of hh:mm.  Not at some point that day, if the weather’s nice and we can be bothered; not that morning or that afternoon, but a one hour window.  That stood out.

I’ve now had a few things delivered by DPD.  Without exception, they’ve always stood out above other couriers.

  • The drivers are courteous, polite and friendly.  Even passing you in the street.
  • Their web site lets you track your parcel, properly.  I don’t mean you refresh the page to see “in transit” showing, I mean you get to track the van it’s in on the map.
  • You can even see which member of staff is delivering your parcel, where in the queue you are and approximately how long it will be before your package is delivered.
  • Their twitter staff can see your account and advise you, in a very timely manner.

They’re just professional.

Today I had cause to contact them.  I was expecting an SD card.  The trouble is, in the past Amazon have sent something the size of an apple in a box that could comfortably fit this computer, all cables, and the monitor in.  Because of Amazon’s inconsistency with packaging, not knowing what size packaging they’d used this time, I got in touch with DPD via Twitter.  I asked if the delivery driver could wait a little longer for me to get to the door – I normally need a wheelchair but I get away with crutches to get to the door.  It wasn’t a problem, DPD got in touch with the driver.  Problem solved.
Thankfully Amazon had used an envelope, not a box far larger than its contents, so the driver didn’t need to wait for me to get to the door.  He posted it through the letterbox.  [Additional kudos to the driver for using common sense here]

What really stood out for me is that by the time I’d retrieved the envelope, there was a photo of our house (taken near the gate) and another of the envelope being posted through the letterbox, both on the tracker page of DPD’s web site.

This folks, is why it pays to use DPD.
Most companies say they’ll deliver it within 24 hours.  Some say within 6 hours.  DPD say within 1, and even let you change that if it’s inconvenient.
Some staff walk away from you while talking to you.  DPD’s drivers said hello when passing in the street.
Some companies have policies to make customers wait on the off-chance an item is delivered later.  DPD haven’t lost or misplaced anything of mine.
Some companies tracking system says ‘In Transit’.  DPD’s let you see where the van is on the map, where you are in a queue and roughly how long you have to wait before their driver pulls up.
Some staff push cards through your letterbox saying they couldn’t catch you without even ****ing knocking!  DPD got in touch with the driver while he was making deliveries.
Most companies say they’ve delivered your item.  DPD took photos!

From the customer’s point of view, nobody else even comes close.