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Exploding Hand Boiler

In good time for Christmas we bought our son a Hand Boiler from Hawkin’s Bazaar.  It’s the sort of geeky thing a seven year old finds fascinating.  For £4 it seemed like a bargain, and until today it was.

Thankfully nobody was near it when it exploded, showering glass shards all over the room.  We don’t really want to think of what could have happened.  Naturally, all the pieces were swept up.  The room was vacuumed and the shards put in the bin, but not before we took photos.  We know that Hawkin’s isn’t the only source for these curiosities, they’re available at Amazon and no doubt numerous other places, but we’ll be writing to Hawkin’s Bazaar asking them to stop selling them.

If you have a hand boiler please be careful.  We certainly wouldn’t let our son near another one.

Children's Hand Boiler bought from

Children’s Hand Boiler bought from