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Bolam Lake

Yesterday we found ourselves at Bolam Lake. A pleasant place in rural Northumberland where in the past I’ve found stress goes down and relaxation is easily found.

While online information states that it’s wheelchair accessible we found ourselves leaving quite quickly. Bolam Lake does have areas which a wheelchair can go but the ground is uneven. It looks as though horses have walked through leaving horseshoe prints everywhere, stones are everywhere and I found the chair being jostled about which caused no end of pain. The only solution was to turn back and return to the car park, very slowly.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go, not at all. It’s peaceful, beautiful and you can easily get respite from modern day irritations. If you’re in a wheelchair because you suffer from¬†extreme amounts of pain, however, I’d give it a miss and look elsewhere. ¬†It’s wheelchair accessible but certainly not wheelchair friendly.