Smoking Day 2

There are two things that have really helped me quit smoking, vapes and a tweet.

I have a few vapes ranging from pipe mods to passthrough batteries and an Innokin MVP 2.0.  Most tanks are Aspire ET-S’s. I actively use half a dozen flavours which has been greatly beneficial.

The tweet, by @paintoolkit2 was commending @docmikeevans’s efforts in helping people understand the mechanics of quitting.
@docmikeevans made me think about writing the routine immediately, so rather than stay inside when others nipped out for a smoke, I joined them for a vape.

I’m vaping in the car on the way home.  I’m vaping far more than I smoked, but I anticipated as much.

So far, so good. After all, all I’ve done is change the way I get the nicotine and occupy my hands. It’s just a cleaner way than cigars, that’s all.

Update: I’ve found myself getting a little antsy. Little things have bugged me. Things that ordinarily wouldn’t in our day to day lives. I’m putting it down to having to pack, travel, get stuck in traffic jams, unpack etc. Something that isn’t part of our day to day lives.
Tomorrow should give us a better indication of irritability levels.

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