Router security

Most of you know that Sky took over O2 some time ago.  Because of the way O2’s service worked you pretty much needed to keep their router if you wanted to benefit from ADSL2.  Naturally O2 wanted the means to remotely connect to a router if you stuffed it up.  This meant knowing the SuperUser account name and password for each router.  To make their lives easier, they also kept a port open for such purposes.

After reading a tweet from @JonathanCamp (click here) I ran a scan of the open ports on the router.  It turns out that port 7547 was open.  A quick search returned a page on how to secure port 7547, on O2’s own web site no less. A quick jump in to DOS, and a telnet to the router and the port was locked down.  [If you’re uncomfortable with DOS or telnet please get in touch] I don’t know whether or not Sky took over the SuperUser access system from O2 (or if they knew what to do with it) but I think it’s better left secure.

After releasing me from a 12 month contract after only 5 weeks, (but not cancelling the billing) resulting in me getting letters from debt collection agencies, posting a letter saying they’re going to charge me ‘x’ and emailing to advise they’re charging me ‘y’, asking me to call them to action a discount (as they can’t do it by themselves), then being unable to merge two accounts on their web site, I don’t trust Sky to not bugger up the router.

To secure your O2 router, click here.
To run a scan on another router, click here.

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