Rotten Apple

Every now and then I get thinking about something.  Recently I was asked my advice on an iPhone, something which I’ve tried very hard to avoid.  I don’t like Apple, I’ve heard too many people complain about their upgrades, I think they’re vastly overpriced and the way fanatic people become so angry the moment you dare to criticise the provider of their shiny new gadget abhors me.  There’s a comment online about how “Apple fans blindly following anything white and therefore should be considered sheep” that struck a chord with me.

Tablets, for example, weren’t invented by Apple yet the sheep community refuse to acknowledge it.  I get the impression they stay awake at night chanting “Apple is god, Apple is good”.

Steve Jobs openly admitted that they steal ideas.  Fair enough, he was man enough to admit it.  What gets me is that when somebody else does the same, Apple throw a patent on an idea that isn’t theirs and take them to court.  I wonder how Apple would feel if others did the same?  How would Apple feel if Microsoft, Palm etc. took them to court for stealing their original ideas?  What is it going to take for companies like Apple to play fair?

What would happen if Google decided to pay Apple’s patents, but charged each user for the use of Google products?  How many iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac (iWanttobesick) users regularly use Google search, Google Mail, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google+, Google Drive, or YouTube?  What if each user was charged a penny for each search, email, map, calendar entry, share on G+, file uploaded or video viewed?  What if Apple was charged the same?  How long before Apple stop getting patents for stolen ideas and fining third parties for usage?

I think Apple should give the patents to the people who thought up the ideas and play fair before other companies start reciprocating.



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