Final vice

It is with great reluctance that after nearly 20 years, I’m going to try to give up smoking next year.

Many of you will associate me with smoking.  The person who always carries a lighter.  The trouble is, it’s just too expensive.  In the last few years, the prices have been jacked up and up and it’s reached that point where it’s just not economically viable.  I can no longer continue with my last remaining vice.  My last smoke will be on New Year’s Eve.  Of course, for the time being, vaping is still an option.

I’ve been vaping more and more since trying it almost a year ago.  I’m still getting the nicotine in my system, but it’s far better for me.  Smokers are now looked on almost like lepers, but if you know me, you’ll know I really don’t care.  On face value, vaping can look similar, but in reality it has little in common. For one, it’s healthier for both the person vaping and the people around them.  The ‘second-hand smoking’ issue is immediately rendered moot.  Keep in mind, this is water vapour.  You get vapour from hot food, showers, baths, coffee, tea etc.  When you consider holding your breath while holding a cup of coffee, or holding your breath in the shower, you start to appreciate how absurd it really is.

The nicotine levels are easier to control.  They range from 24mg down to nothing at all.  Yes, that’s right, some vapers (people who vape) are using liquid/juice that is completely nicotine free.

It’s unfortunate that the media have branded vapes as “electronic cigarettes”.  E-cigs and vapes are very similar, in that they both use liquid, rapidly heated so it becomes vapour, which is inhaled.  But, in reality, they’re closer to nicotine inhalers than anything else.

Of course they must been seen in a negative light, partly because they can look like smoking, but I think it’s mostly because David Cameron needs his insanely high levels of tax currently on tobacco products.

Vape UsersThe media scaremongering will try to tell you that people will take up the craze because it “looks cool” or is fashionable.  Mass hoards will go out to buy these devices and the liquid to fit in, and more people than ever will be addicted to nicotine.  In truth, the Office of National Statistics prove only 0.14% of vapers have never smoked.
What’s not mentioned is the nicotine levels in the e-liquid used by this group.  I’d be amazed if any nicotine was found at all.

So, hopefully you’ve learned a few truths about vaping.  As I mentioned, quitting smoking is not something I want to do.  I’ve never wanted to be a quitter, but with prices as they are, I’m left with little choice.

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