I joined Fasthosts domain services 6½ years ago.  In all that time there hasn’t been a single hiccup with my account.  Last night I found that the domain privacy fee had been debited from my account the same day the domain was expiring.  The domain was still active and lapses in the privacy would mean people would have access to my personal details so it’s renewed before the domain expires.

Until you think how a computer thinks it seems like a sly action.  Many of us have heard of the story about the Australian man who didn’t need gas in his house throughout the summer so didn’t pay the gas board for several months, only to find when winter came he’d been disconnected.  A simple computer oversight – because the computer didn’t register a payment of $0.00 it actioned disconnection procedures on his supply.

I tweeted about what I thought was a crafty practise by my domain supplier.  Within a few minutes I’d had a response.  Someone was already looking in to it.  Within the hour (lengthened by not being able to authorise a new follower to a protected account on a mobile phone) the fee had been refunded.  JH (I’m not giving their full name) took ownership of the issue and unlike so many companies these days (Santander) I wasn’t passed from one person to the next. 

I received a tweet expressing surprise.  It seems some people may not think too highly of Fasthosts.  My opinion is simply this: after 6½ years to have one issue and for that issue to be resolved satisfactorily within the hour I’d say Fasthosts shows up most of the companies I’ve been a customer of and I look forward to many more years of happy service with them.

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