Communications Catastrophe

Technology can be a wonderful thing.  It makes our lives easier, washing machines, dishwashers, mobile phones, internet banking.  They’re fantastic things to have in our lives but only when they work.

This afternoon I tried to log in to internet banking.  After typing in a sixteen digit card number, an eight and another five digit passwords I was greeted with this message:




I tried the above a few times in case it was an internet glitch.  I tried it on the home broadband and on my mobile phone.  Neither worked.

Tonight I’ve tried to register for text/email alerts with my bank.  I’ve seen other banks use the service for some time and the feedback from the customers I’ve spoken to has been very positive.  I updated my details with my bank when I last moved house, something that appears only to have been successful with their marketing department as only their junk mail was reaching me.

I’ve now learned that the phone number I supplied them with 1½ years ago hasn’t been updated and after the fiasco with their insurance department (which is still unresolved) I’ve done it myself and updated it online.

So, now they have my new details but when it comes to signing up to the service it appears they’re unwilling to implement them properly.  My new email address is showing but despite going through the update process twice tonight, and a screen showing confirmation, they still show an old phone number on the alerts sign-up screen.  

Perhaps their computer’s reluctance to update details is why their communication is so appalling and why customers end up paying hundreds of pounds unnecessarily?

No doubt they’ll offer an excuse along the lines of a digital service which gives instant confirmation (on some screens) requiring 24 hours to update.  After over 14 years with Santander/Abbey National I’ve heard most of their excuses.  This time could be different, I’m not sure they can blame someone else this time.

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