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There was a man from Gallifrey

There was a man from Gallifrey
Who would travel to different days
But when talk turned to hate
He would regenerate
And get up and fly off on his way.

New Life Form Discovered

Today, 23rd February 2014 a new life form has been discovered.

While rumours have been heard before, between midday and 12:35 the life form was confirmed to exist.  The discovery took place in south east Northumberland, England by a local a man in his thirties.  The man who wishes to remain anonymous at this time had this to say:

“It was weird.  There I was, in my son’s bedroom seeing to his bedsheet and it morphed right in front of my eyes.  It was like something off Doctor Who.  It just kept changing again and again.”

The fitted bedsheet had three short sides and one long one.  Irrespective of how many times the bedsheet was rotated, the three short sides would always be away from the man.

“It’s hard enough trying to fit bedsheets with only one working leg, but when the bugger keeps shifting on you it’s damn near impossible”.

Thankfully the man got the better of the life form, however, it was not alone.  The man was then ridiculed by the duvet cover which shifted its contents each time the man looked away.  He concluded with:

“At last I got the better of it.  Each time I looked away it would move.  It was a horrible experience, not something I would wish on anyone.  I finally outwitted it with the use of a bulldog clip.  The little [censored] didn’t move after that!”.

However, this was not the end of the man’s ordeal.

“The pillow was in the pillow case,  I got bedsheet to stay on, the duvet in the cover on the bed, everything was great.  It was only when I was straightening everything out that I spotted it.  The [censored] bedsheet was on inside [censored] out!”.

The man is currently receiving counselling.

Gastropod ampersand

I can’t help but think all this technology is having an affect. The local snails are writing out symbols.