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Police Station

Lost balance.
Crutch went out to regain balance.
Crutch hit son’s Lego Police Station at full force.
20 minutes trying to work out which piece belongs to the Police Station and which bricks are standard (non kit) Lego, where they go and if it will all fit afterwards.
All this so an eight year old won’t come downstairs in the morning, see his work in pieces and have a bad day at school.

In hindsight I should’ve told him the Lego criminals broke out and blew the place up.
That would’ve been much cooler!

Bucket List Travels

We’ve all heard of Bucket Lists, the things you’d like to do before your time is up.  I’d imagine most of us have thought about places we’d like to visit if funds weren’t an issue; the lottery win whistle stop tour of the world.  Most of you will have other ideas, or won’t share my choices, but unless you know what they are, how would you know?  Below are a few places I’d like to visit / see again.  On the whole they’re in no real order but the USA is far from a priority.

The Isle of Man during TT & Manx season.
The Scottish Islands.
Iceland – the Aurora Borealis.
New Zealand – Aurora Australis
Kielder Forest – Perseids/Leonids/Geminids/Orionids at the Observatory
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Visit friends
Giza, Egypt – Pyramids
Stonehenge, Wiltshire – Have another look.
Eiffel Tower, Paris – I didn’t know Carole when I went last.
Aricebo, Puerto Rico – Observatory
VLA, New Mexico
– Sit amongst the dishes.
Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, USA – Perseids/Leonids/Geminids/Orionids
Seoul, South Korea – Tech shopping.


I realise that a few of the above relates to astronomy.  Most will require us all getting a passport.  There will be some that aren’t wheelchair friendly, and some will necessitate a school absence.  The thing is, if you had the opportunity to see the above and missed out, you’d regret it for the rest of your afterlife.

There was a man from Gallifrey

There was a man from Gallifrey
Who would travel to different days
But when talk turned to hate
He would regenerate
And get up and fly off on his way.