Apology to @DPD_UK

It would appear I owe DPD couriers an apology.

I’d ordered three items via Amazon for Ian-Ogri’s birthday. Amazon had emailed me saying one had been despatched, and the other two were despatched within a minute or two of each other. One of those items was delivered by Parcelforce, another by DPD. My partner, @Carole29, signed for the DPD item.

When checking DPD’s tracking facility I could see that the item had been delivered, although the signature showed my surname. Amazon emailed me, advising me that an item had been delivered but the signature differed from that of DPD’s site. It showed ‘D FOR [my surname]’.

Leaping to the wrong conclusion with great haste I’d assumed that the tracking number was for two items (it made sense, especially as they appeared to have been despatched together). I’d also tweeted as much, mentioning DPD in the tweet. DPD looked in to the complaint and respecting privacy, this continued privately via DM. Their last message to me (at the time of typing this) was “Thank you. We do only have the one parcel, I am sorry.”

Something didn’t ring true. I had two different digital signatures, one [my surname], the other D FOR [my surname] and neither Carole’s name. I needed to take this up with Amazon themselves.

It was only after complaining and wasting DPD’s time that I checked Amazon’s order page. Much to my surprise, the missing item, the discrepancy, turned out to not have a tracking option! If DPD is the courier, it would appear to be completely coincidental.

I’d like to apologise to DPD for my mistake. I’ve wasted their time and sent an embarrassing tweet which no doubt has resulted in bad publicity. I hope this blog post will in some way rectify this.

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