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Finally quit

After three weeks the Tasks and Profiles in Tasker (an automation app for smartphones) have been removed.  All links between the PC’s, TV, tablets, watch and phones relating to having a smoke are deleted.  No longer can I soak in the tub, press a button on my watch and ask my other (better) half if she wants to join me for a smoke.  No longer can texts or AutoRemote messages be sent.  No longer can I automatically log my location at the Cuban Cigar Club with FourSquare.  Those who know me will testify to how rarely this happens.

I didn’t really want to quit smoking.  I loved it.  It was only really the finances that dictated the necessity to give them up.  The thing is, if you’re going to do something then make the effort.  Doing something half-hearted based on the fact that you didn’t want to do it in the first place is something that belongs in your childhood.  You certainly should have outgrown it by the time you enter your thirties (much less my age).

So, the final act of acceptance has been made.  I’ve deleted something from Tasker.

If you’ve missed the previous entries on smoking/quitting then you should know I hold vapes and Doctor Mike Evans responsible for my success.

Smoking Days 3 & 4

It’s been an odd couple of days. The support from others who either like the idea of me quitting smoking, and/or have been through this themselves has surprised me. It seems that everyone is behind this endeavour.

I’ve found myself more agitated. Things don’t annoy me per se, but they’re bugging me. Thankfully they’re not building up to the point where I’m exploding, but I’m more on edge. My partner and son are brilliant. They’re even more understanding and compassionate.

The surprising thing is that I can’t say I’m scraping the walls or turning the house upside down for a smoke. I’ve not had those particular cravings. We’ll have to see what the next few days bring. Hopefully it won’t be too long before my system stabilises.  In the mean time, the video from @DocMikeEvans can be found [here]

Smoking Day 2

There are two things that have really helped me quit smoking, vapes and a tweet.

I have a few vapes ranging from pipe mods to passthrough batteries and an Innokin MVP 2.0.  Most tanks are Aspire ET-S’s. I actively use half a dozen flavours which has been greatly beneficial.

The tweet, by @paintoolkit2 was commending @docmikeevans’s efforts in helping people understand the mechanics of quitting.
@docmikeevans made me think about writing the routine immediately, so rather than stay inside when others nipped out for a smoke, I joined them for a vape.

I’m vaping in the car on the way home.  I’m vaping far more than I smoked, but I anticipated as much.

So far, so good. After all, all I’ve done is change the way I get the nicotine and occupy my hands. It’s just a cleaner way than cigars, that’s all.

Update: I’ve found myself getting a little antsy. Little things have bugged me. Things that ordinarily wouldn’t in our day to day lives. I’m putting it down to having to pack, travel, get stuck in traffic jams, unpack etc. Something that isn’t part of our day to day lives.
Tomorrow should give us a better indication of irritability levels.

Smoking Day 1

It’s an odd feeling, not having been out in the freezing cold after lunch. It’s a novelty, nothing more. I can’t say I’ve had much of a craving, but I’m not naïve enough to think I’m not going to get them.

For now, all is calm. I’ve been vaping the same as I did last week, nothing’s changed there. No doubt this will change in due course.

I went to bed with a feeling that I’d forgotten something, the kind you get when you know you were going to do something, but can’t quite recall what.
I knew exactly what it was, I’d not had a smoke, but there was no desire to rip the head off the next person who spoke.


2014 has been an odd year.

  • Google made contact lenses with Google Glass tech.
  • Samsung and Cisco agreed to share patents (or at least not sue over them).
  • We learned a quarter of Americans think the Sun orbits the Earth.
  • The world’s first Braille mobile phone became available.
  • One of my Billy Connolly audio tapes got snapped, shredded and spat out.
  • Iain Duncan Smith was called to account for using misleading ‘statistics’ to justify his actions.
  • We visited Cragside, and I had the chance to tick “ride in Lord Armstrong’s lift” off my bucket list.
  • Vegan friendly cheese was grown in a lab.
  • Gaza disgusted the world with its unrelenting attack on Palestine.
  • The 3Doodler (3D printing pen) went on sale.
  • Vapes are exempt from the indoor smoking ban.
  • Workfare schemes were deemed illegal.
  • George Takei got slammed for his bullying of the disabled.
  • Skellow and Greggs made the headlines following their publicity on Google.
  • The iPhone 6 followed LG and Samsung’s curved screen approach.
  • Scotland’s referendum voted to remain part of the UK.
  • Apple’s proved their patents are more secure than your data when their iCloud got hacked.
  • Australia proved solar power could replace fossil fuels.
  • @CassetteBoy’s David Cameron video went viral just as David Cameron was criticised for holding a £25,000 champagne party immediately before announcing benefit cuts.
  • Sainsbury’s launched the best Christmas advert I’ve ever seen, while Famous Grouse went mainstream.
  • Ghostbusters reached 30.
  • Three years to the day after we met, we got engaged.
  • And after nearly 20 years, I’m giving up smoking.

Let’s hope that 2015 will be just as interesting. Hopefully in a good way. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hoverboard.

Happy New Year!