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Arriva Driver 110714

So rarely these days does someone go above and beyond the exclusivity of their duties and responsibilities within their job description. On Friday a bus driver from Arriva did exactly that. A bus (4045) lacking even the meagrest concept of disabled access needed to be boarded. Thankfully the driver (26182) showed understanding and empathy. While other drivers responses have been curt, explaining that a pushchair or pram occupyied the disabled bay and the drivers were unwilling to ask to have them folded, driver 26182 took a different approach. He waited. He allowed me to accept the bus couldn’t be lowered, there was no ramp and boarding the bus was unlikely.

Thankfully I have one worn out but working leg which helped me to board the bus. It took a few minutes but we weren’t rushed or pressured in any way. He asked if I was ready before disembarking. At our destination we were offered assistance to alight from the bus. From his approach I inferred he cared more about the safety and wellbeing of his passengers than strictly keeping to a timetable.

What stood out for me was he later looked in to the Disability Access laws, timetables and guidelines, found us and advised us of them. He wasn’t aggressive or condascending, but polite and understanding.
He explained what he’d found without sounding like he was looking for excuses.

We’ve been unaccustomed to Arriva North East’s drivers having people skills or their staff to show such kindness. Whoever you are, you have my thanks.

Ticket from 11-07-14

Ticket from 11-07-14