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Our water pressure is odd.  Downstairs has the water pressure similar to a pressure washer.  The downstairs cistern fills in a little over 30 seconds.  The upstairs takes a little over 4 minutes.  I’m no expert but there’s something amiss there.  I’m guessing there’s either a stop-cock, an inline valve or excessive build up in the pipes.  Unfortunately it’s hidden behind a plaster fascia.

We’ve asked the landlord for the last 3½ years to fix the pressure and the stop-cocks as they won’t turn without a plumber’s key.  His most recent response was “I’m not going to rip the house apart while you’re there.  Your lease is up in a couple of months, give your notice and I’ll see to it then.”

In an effort to help out I’ve taken my snake-cam and had a look behind the kitchen sink, hot water tank and the bathroom sink and toilet.  I may have found something but it’s not my house and I’m not about to start opening areas that don’t belong to me and I’m not responsible for.

Here’s the thing though, the phrase Never let a good deed go unpunished would appear to apply.  While looking at pipes for junctions and valves, amongst wood, cobwebs and plaster I saw something.  On a 10 inch netbook the snake-cam is not to scale.  I hadn’t given it any thought, it had never occurred to me.  I’d obviously disturbed something.  Entirely unprepared, I saw what would appear to be a 2 foot spider race across the screen!

I believe my response was “Holy smegging f**king Christ!”


Bolam Lake

Yesterday we found ourselves at Bolam Lake. A pleasant place in rural Northumberland where in the past I’ve found stress goes down and relaxation is easily found.

While online information states that it’s wheelchair accessible we found ourselves leaving quite quickly. Bolam Lake does have areas which a wheelchair can go but the ground is uneven. It looks as though horses have walked through leaving horseshoe prints everywhere, stones are everywhere and I found the chair being jostled about which caused no end of pain. The only solution was to turn back and return to the car park, very slowly.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go, not at all. It’s peaceful, beautiful and you can easily get respite from modern day irritations. If you’re in a wheelchair because you suffer from extreme amounts of pain, however, I’d give it a miss and look elsewhere.  It’s wheelchair accessible but certainly not wheelchair friendly.