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Some time ago Santander took money from my account that they shouldn’t have.  I wrote to them.  After Chinese Whispers within the company completely twisted the content of my letter they wrote back responding to something which held only a vague resemblance to my original complaint.


I responded, they ignored it.  I tweeted and emailed them, they ignored that.  I’ve tweeted and emailed them again, they emailed saying how sorry they were my previous correspondence had gone unanswered but they still haven’t followed that up.


I’m now of the opinion that they want to brush this under the carpet entirely.  I’m over £400 out of pocket but Santander aren’t doing anything about it.


I’m now thinking about moving banks.  I’ll be damned if their apathetic nature is going to be supported by me any longer.  Tonight I’ve called six banks, Lloyds TSB, Barclays, Nationwide, HSBC, Nat West and First Direct asking for them to post out application forms and leaflets that would help me decide which of them to go for.  Of those six, only Lloyds was able to post out what I’d ask for without setting me up as a new customer, requiring my date of birth and other information which is entirely unnecessary.  I appreciate that we’re living in a computerised, automated world but not even I want to compare six web sites with only selected information available.


Of the six, Nat West have been ruled out immediately due to the attitude of their staff.  Barclays refused to “send out any paperwork at all until I going to a branch showing identification”.  HSBC took the time to explain that they don’t do paper forms any more, apologised profusely and highlighted it as an area of improvement.  First Direct, however, shone through better than all others.  While they too don’t do paper forms I was offered help finding the online section showing me where their information could be found.


It’s been a number of years since I’ve had good quality service from a bank.  Before joining Santander in 1998, Halifax had breached the Data Protection Act.  I’ve had a number of annoying experiences with Santander but until recently nothing to warrant moving.  We’ll see how Santander respond to my complaint (if they respond at all) before deciding whether or not they deserve to have my continued loyalty.