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Wheelie bin has wheelie gone!

Late last night I took my wheelie bin out for collection.  Like most councils, they insist you take it off your property for it to be emptied.  It’s a reasonable request when you consider the number of gates that would be locked, dogs attacking bin men and it minimises the risk of the rubbish falling out if it doesn’t have as far to go. 

The trouble is it means you have to leave your bin out until you finish the school run which leaves it available to everyone.  Every now and then one goes missing. 

Mine went missing this morning.

It wasn’t left until late at night.  Not even until after office hours.  It disappeared in the morning. 

I called Northumberland Council.  Despite it having their name branded in to it, and not being on my property I’m somehow responsible for it.
Are they not the council for the county?  The paths are their property, not mine.  Something supplied by them with their name on it was taken from their property but I’m responsible for it?  Not them, or my landlord, but me?  I didn’t steal it so how am I responsible?  Am I expected to chain the bin to the fence and post the council a key and have them unlock it when they arrive and lock it when the bin is emptied?  Perhaps they’d like me to lose a night of sleep each week, watching the bin to ensure it isn’t stolen?  No, unlike other councils they simply expect me to pay for the bin, despite being on benefits.

Well, I’m sorry but I don’t have the money.  I’ll be either leaving the bags on the street for collection or I’ll cuckoo my neighbour’s bins.  If Northumberland Council want them in a wheelie bin, they can bloody well provide one!

This isn’t the first issue I’ve had with the council either.  Paperwork left on their desk mysteriously vanished without trace.  When I called their staff to enquire about it I was told it would take eight weeks for them to process a form.  It seemed excessive but Northumberland Council aren’t exactly shining beacons of brilliance.  After the eight weeks I was told they didn’t have the paperwork that was already in their possession.  I wasn’t told this when I first called them, they wouldn’t even look in to it after I’d waited a considerable time just to talk to them.  It took them eight weeks to tell me a form which once sat on their desk had disappeared.  You’d think that would be bad enough but it wasn’t the first copy of the form to get lost in the system.

You’d think by their attitude that I was there to serve them.
Can anybody tell me why we pay council tax?