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Back in May 1995 I got myself my first mobile, an NEC P100.  It was a brick and because I was on Vodafone it sounded like people were talking through one.  It wasn’t the happiest experience of my life, the only time the phone could be used without issues was when I was travelling above 30mph.  Hardly a commendable feature.  Unfortunately Vodafone don’t appear to have improved their network very much since.

Thankfully in January 1996 I got myself a Nokia on Orange.  I could once again hear and the phone and the handset (Nokia Orange Special Edition) was feature packed – 200 names in contacts, caller ID and even text messages were available (a huge selling point back then, especially at unlimited texts for £2 per month!).

Since the NEC P100 and the Special Edition I’ve had the Nokia 5.1, 6130, 7110, 6210, 5210i, 8310i, 3650, 7250i, N-Gage, 6600, 6260, N70, N95, N96 and X6.  Last year I ‘upgraded’ from the X6 as the battery wouldn’t last 48 hours if I used WiFi and/or GPS.  Unfortunately I went for the HTC Desire, an ironically named phone to say the least.  The battery in the X6 still lasts over twice as long as the HTC and it’s easily twice its age.  A poor decision just to satisfy my curiosity about Android.

I still prefer the Symbian OS to Android, it operates more professionally.  It does things you’d expect it to, it’s more natural, especially with the X6.  The Nokia is a much better made phone than the HTC.  It’s only a shame that developers stopped making as many apps.

So, once again it’s approaching upgrade time.  I’m torn between the Nokia Lumia 800, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus.  Nokia have always made phones with outstanding build quality but the reviews say the Lumia 800 is a one piece handset making battery replacement somewhat problematic.  The S2 looks to be a reasonable phone but doesn’t have Carl Zeiss optics on its camera.  The Nexus has many of the features of the S2 but doesn’t support an SD card and only has a 5MP camera.

On the upside, @Nokia_Connects on Twitter has offered me a Lumia 800 on a trial basis to see how I like the phone.  An offer I’m seriously considering at this point.  

The question is, after upgrade do I keep the Nokia X6 or the HTC Desire as my secondary phone?  I suspect it’ll be the Nokia again.  I’ll mean making it the third consecutive year I’ll have used that phone but the alternative is the HTC.  Decisions, decisions.