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Social Notworking

Don’t you hate it when large organisations screw up your life?  I know I do.  Most of the people I know do but what can you do about it?

Well, in this case I can shout about it.


Let’s imagine there’s a large social networking site which we shall call Arsebook.  It’s filled with chavs, games filled with viruses and people who are unable to grasp the first principles of the English language.  Unfortunately it’s also filled with some of my friends.


While we’re at it let’s imagine there’s an app which provides widgets for various portals like Tweeter, Gargoyle and Unlinked, as well as Arsebook.  It also provides interesting news from Formula 1 and sport, the TV Guide, cinema listings, weather as well as various others.  We’ll call this app SnappedYou.


SnappedYou was great.  It gave those who hadn’t chosen one of the two main mobile phone platforms access to favourite sites with functionality.  Best of all is that it’s all in one app.  There’s no need to switch between apps just to keep up to date with friends or news.


Unfortunately SnappedYou sold out and was recently taken over by the Arsebook giant.  In doing so, SnappedYou have decided to completely abandon Arsebook’s main rival, Tweeter, and other widgets that people find useful.  Instead they’ve created an app exclusively for Arsebook leaving us scurrying around for replacement apps worthy of our attention.


What SnappedYou don’t appreciate is that a fair number of us (myself included) will have installed their app exclusively for access to Tweeter.  The other widgets were a bonus. 


I’ve been trying to think why they would do such a thing.  My best answer is that they have the money to do it and they see Tweeter as a threat to them.  Especially after Gargoyle launched their own version of a social network.  So, there we are folks they’ll minimise access to a better site with nothing simpler than a bullying tactic – buying out what you use and stopping your fun.  Another example of a large organisation screwing around with the little people. 


Thanks a f’kin lot Arsebook!

(Any inference to real companies/organisations is in your own head)