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When it comes to dreams I’m considered a freak. I tend to remember far more than people expect me to. Comments about me constantly living in a dream state have already been made, you don’t need to make them again. Last night I had two dreams.  Both of which were unnerving and involved @Carole29.


Here are the highlights:

Carole had to meet a friend in Newcastle, kissed me goodbye and went to catch her bus.
Twitter is going berserk about a fatal crash in Gosforth involving Carole’s bus.
I call her phone but there’s no answer so I load up Google Latitude, there’s a chance her Crapberry isn’t going to show me her real location but it will at least let me know which hospital she’s being taken to.
For whatever reason she’s nowhere near Gosforth and Latitude has updated only a couple of minutes ago.
When I manage to get through on her phone it turns out Arriva’s driver didn’t stop for her at the bus stop (something they did to me yesterday) and she’s on a later bus.  (The reason for not texting/tweeting escapes me).


The second dream isn’t as clear as the first but here’s what I remember:
The six numbers on the lottery had came up.
Carole had moved in.  We’re all living together but for some reason, in the old house.
We’ve thrown a party for our family and friends.
Derren Brown is the guest of honour but for some reason his mischievousness has turned in to mild malice and he’s screwing with my head, and only my head.  The world becomes surreal and very very odd.  Everyone is standing around either highly amused or completely unphased and my 4¾ year old son is the one who’s most amused.


I’m quite curious to know what my psyche thinks it’s up to.  Does it enjoy torturing me?  Why don’t I recall seeing the Hairy Bikers there?  It’s an odd one but that’s the nature of dreams isn’t it?