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Sony Ericsson Liveview

After buying a Sony Ericsson Liveview watch from I’ve had no end of trouble. 

The watch, poorly named as it only holds the time while connected to the phone, connects via Bluetooth to a good number of Android devices to show who’s calling, texting, updates from Twitter, Facebook, and lets you find the phone while in Bluetooth range and control the music player on the phone.  It also has a handy RSS feed function for updates from your favourite sites (news being the most obvious).

Unfortunately, Sony’s Liveview is far from perfect.  It frequently disconnects, spending more time trying to connect than being connected.  It crashes more times than an NCAP dummy and will, from time to time, take the Android phone with it requiring the first, second etc. battery pull since I’ve had the phone.


The final straw for an ordinarily patient man was when the phone required a factory reset resulting in me losing contacts, apps and data.  Now, this may be a complete coincidence (if you believe in them) but for me the timing was too close for comfort so I’m keeping my belief that Sony are responsible for it.

In short, Sony have created a fantastic device in principle.  The idea is astounding.  Unfortunately it didn’t have the bulletproof reliability of the Nokia Bluetooth devices I’m so accustomed to.  As a result, it will be promptly returned to for a refund.

Sky are the absolute limit.

Most people who follow me on Twitter will know of the horrendous issues I had with Sky.  After five weeks of utter incompetence, being lied to and uneducated attempts to resolve their speed issues they released me from my 12 month contract.  I was promised verbally and by email that I would not get any further charges from them.

Unfortunately, like other Murdoch projects, Sky appear incapable of telling the truth.  Not only can they not keep their promises, I’ve had letters welcoming me to their service months after changing suppliers.  Their bills for the non-existent service come through each month and after speaking to them on Twitter and their own help forums, marginally less than f**k all has been done.

I’m now back to naming and shaming them.  They’ve had enough chances.  From here on in, each time they bill me, I’m going to post it.  Announce it to the world that they still can’t keep a promise.