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Posterous App

As many of you know I have an Android phone, the HTC Undesirable.

I’ve had the Posterous app on and off my phone more times than enough.  I keep installing it when I think there’ll be something worth writing about but the appalling memory on the HTC means I have to keep uninstalling it to be able to use the phone as Posterous’s app refuses to install to the SD card.

I’d originally written this on the phone before uninstalling the app only to find my location had been published without permission, so whether or not I’ll ever use Posterous again remains to be seen.  It certainly won’t be installed on the phone until it’s available to install on the SD card and a modicum of privacy is set.

We’ll see if / when it ever happens. 

In the mean time, this may be used even more sporadically than my blog!